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Joint Ventures

10X and NUMSA Financial Services

360 FSG/10X
10X and NUMSA Financial Services (NFS) entered into a joint venture to provide NUMSA members with Retirement Fund products that are much more cost effectively managed and with better investment returns than the existing retirement fund management systems. 10X has a unique approach that leverages a combination of asset under management with administration services and the elimination of multiple middlemen and side men to reduce fees as well as a Passive investment strategy that tracks the market and is proven to beat active managers 9 out of 10 times. We have learnt through 10X that a 1% cost reduction can increase the retirement pay-out by as much as 30% over a 20 years period.

The joint venture has been in existence now for 3 years and the NFS business now accounts for 10% of 10X business and the flagship client is General Motors in Port Elizabeth. With reference clients and greater than 40% reduction in fees and higher returns, we expect this Joint Venture to grow exponentially in months and years to come.

Union Life has entered into a joint venture agreement with the SAFPA, and association of black funeral undertakers. The purpose of the joint venture is to enable SAFPA to use the Union Life platform to create and migrate into their own insurance businesses. We see this as a significant enterprise development project for 360 FSG, in establishing another black insurance company in the future.

360 FSG’s approach to continental expansion is based on partnerships with local people and skills transfer in the long run. Though we have controlling interests in our ventures it is not necessarily our long term ambition but to empower local people and facilitate our exit or loss of majority after a transfer of skills and licensing arrangements.

Doves in Ghana
Doves Group is finalising the construction of a funeral parlour and mortuary facility with complete functionality to render funeral services in Ghana. The project is managed in partnership with the Enterprise Group, a life insurance group listed in the Ghana Stock Exchange.

SMS has entered into a 60/40 joint venture with local people in South Sudan for the delivery of administration and managed care services. The JV Company, Sechaba Limited registered in South Sudan has finalised an agreement with the Government of Central Equitorial State for these medical services.
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